HC Deb 13 May 1907 vol 174 c589

To ask the President of the Board of Trade if he has received a resolution from the Cavan County Council asking for a better train service by the Midland Great Western Railway Company of Ireland from Cavan, in view of the desirability of some change, both of passenger and mail service, if the Cavan end of this line is not to be left behind the times entirely; and will he give the matter his consideration, and, if necessary, confer with the Postmaster-General as to the improvement of the mail service, particularly in the direction of supplying a later despatch for English letters.

(Answered by Mr. Lloyd-George.) The hon. Member has sent me a copy of this resolution. The railway company inform me that the traffic of the district does not, in their opinion, warrant more than the existing service of three trains daily in each direction. The question of improvements in connection with the mail service is a matter for my right hon. friend the Postmaster-General, to whom I have transmitted a copy of the resolution.

Petitions received in the Home Office in 1905 in respect of the Conviction or Sentences of Persons tried on indictment.
Number of Petitions. Number of Cases. From whom the Petitions were received Whether Petition related to Conviction or to Sentence.
From Prisoners. From Solicitors, Friends etc. Conviction. Sentence.
Petitions. Cases. Petitions. Cases. Petitions. Cases. Petitions. Cases.
2,199 1,499 1,713 1,242 486 283 1,013 674 1,186 850

The term "petition" includes all applications on behalf of prisoners, however