HC Deb 09 May 1907 vol 174 cc366-7
MR. NUSSEY (Pontefract)

I beg to ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster whether application has been made by the Pontefract Secondary Education †See (4) Debates, clxxiii., 702–3. Committee for the purchase of three and a-half acres of land, situated near Tanshelf station, for the purpose of enabling the authority to comply with the requirements of the West Riding County Council for the erection of a secondary school for girls; whether the land has been offered by the Duchy on a lease for ninety-nine years at a rental of £60 or £20 per acre per annum; whether the Chancellor is aware that no other suitable site is available for the erection of a school; and, if so, whether he is prepared to advise an offer on terms more favourable to the district, seeing that the land is now let at an agricultural rental of about 40s. per acre.


I have received an application from the Pontefract Secondary Education Committee for the purchase of land for the erection of a secondary school for girls. I am advised by the Surveyor-General of the Duchy that building land in the neighbourhood in a much less favourable position has been let by the Duchy on building leases at the same rate as that named to the Education Committee. The matter has been fully considered by the Council of the Duchy, and they are of opinion that the land should not be let at less than its value.