HC Deb 02 May 1907 vol 173 cc1084-5

in consequence of the unsatisfactory answer he had received a short time before, asked leave to move the adjournment of the House, in order to call attention to an urgent matter of definite public importance—namely, the presence in the Transvaal of 250 Chinese coolies, contrary to the provisions of the existing Chinese Ordinance and only at this moment disclosed to the House.


I have considerable doubts as to whether the Motion of the hon. Member comes within the rule of urgency. After giving such attention as I have been able to the matter, I think it does not come within the rule. There is no way of stopping these men going to the Transvaal. It is too late now; they are in the Transvaal. As far as I am able to judge, they come within the jurisdiction of the Transvaal Government, and, therefore it rests with the Transvaal Government to deal with the matter. For that reason I do not think that the Motion comes within the rule of urgency.

MR. SHACKLETON (Lancashire, N.E., Clitheroe)

asked the Prime Minister whether, in view of the feeling which had been aroused about these coolies, He would arrange to put down the Colonial Vote on a very early day.


I will consider the question of my hon. friend.

MR. A. J. BALFOUR (City of London)

suggested that the Vote which would give the opportunity for free discussion to Members would be that of the Secretary of State, and expressed a hope that whatever arrangement was made the debate on it would be left unfinished, so that in the case of other developments further opportunities would be afforded of discussion later in the Session.