HC Deb 26 March 1907 vol 171 c1675
MAJOR SEELY (Liverpool, Abercromby)

asked the noble Lord the Member for Marylebone East if he was aware that the Small Cottages and Holdings Bill he proposed to present would shut out discussion of a Resolution on the same subject of which the hon. Member for Melton had given notice, and whether, in view of the Speaker's ruling on the previous day, he would refrain from presenting the Bill.

LORD R. CECIL (Marylebone, E.)

said he had carefully considered the matter, He found that the hon. Member for Barnstaple recently placed on the Paper a notice in order to preclude the hon. Member for Norwood from raising a very important question in connection with the finances of the country, and did not remove it until the opportunity for effectively raising the question had passed. Again he noticed that the hon. Member for Loughborough proposed that day to present a Bill designed to prevent the House expressing its opinion on woman suffrage. Under the circumstances he did not see his way not to present his Bill, but if the hon. Member for Loughborough refrained from presenting his it might alter his view.