HC Deb 21 March 1907 vol 171 cc875-6
MR. WALTER LONG (Dublin, S.)

asked a question of the Secretary of State for War of which he had, he said, given private notice. It referred to the Memorandum on the Army Act. He wished to know why the first Memorandum was withdrawn.


said there was only a semblance of mystery in the matter—no real one. The paper issued was exactly identical, word for word, as that sent down to the Vote Office earlier, and which he had given instructions to be issued with the Army Annual Bill. But, by some mistake, instead of that being done the Memorandum was taken away from the Vote Office without his knowledge. Consequently the second paper was sent out in substitution for the one which actually went to the Vote Office.

SIR A. ACLAND-HOOD (Somersetshire, Wellington)

But is it the fact that the Memorandum was printed before it was ordered to be laid on the Table of the House, and if so, who was responsible.


said he rather thought it was printed at the War Office. There they printed their own papers—quite a right thing to do in order to have the papers ready in good time and sent down to the House promptly.