HC Deb 27 June 1907 vol 177 cc79-80

To ask the Secretary of State for War whether military canteens and messes are permitted to remain open on Sundays during hours at which ordinary licensed houses are obliged to close; whether grocery bars in military camps are also permitted to open on Sundays; and, if so, whether he will take measures to oblige the contractors for, and managers of, such canteens, messes, and bars to conform to the usual civil law or custom in such matters.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Haldane.) The regimental mess is the sergeant's home, and it is not practicable to make rules as to the hours at which meals or refreshments are to be taken by non-commissioned officers coming off duty at various times. As regards canteens, the following is the rule in the. King's Regulations, paragraph 1003:—"Generals Commanding will decide the hours during which the liquor bar may be kept open, but in no case is it to be kept open during the hours of Divine Service on Sundays. Other branches of the institute (which includes grocery bars) will be kept open during such hours as the commanding officer may determine." It is not proposed to make any change in these regulations.

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