HC Deb 27 June 1907 vol 177 c70
Mr. JOWETT (Bradford, W.)

To ask the President of the Board of Trade whether the Australian Commonwealth has withdrawn or modified the regulations made under the Commerce Act (Trade Descriptions) of 1905, relating to the composition, weight, quantity, and place of origin, of goods imported into Australia, so far as the same applies to textile exported from this country; and, if the said regulations have not been withdrawn, will he say what are the requirements of the Australian Government so far as they apply to the importation of textiles.

(Answered by Mr. Kearley.) The Board of Trade are informed that the regulations in question are still in force. In reply, however, to inquiries made by various chambers of commerce in the United Kingdom the Commonwealth Government have given a decision to the following effect:—"Piece goods suitings and vestings are not included under the regulations. Piece goods are not articles of apparel. If the terms number and yards are marked on the goods which have not been made in an English-speaking country the country of origin must be stated in conjunction with such marking. It will not be necessary to state whether the length is net or gross. All that is required is that if any length is stated it shall be correct. It is not necessary to state the composition of piece goods. If exporters to Australia do not wish to label their piece goods at all they need not do so." This decision was published in the Board of Trade Journal for 14th March.