HC Deb 26 June 1907 vol 176 cc1392-3
MR. GINNELL (Westmeath, N.)

I beg to ask Mr. Attorney-General for Ireland, in view of complaints as to the effects of the rules, forms, and instructions in use in connection with rent fixing, and the danger to the purchasers and to the ratepayers of basing prices upon rents considered inequitable, will ho advise a revision of those rules, forms, and instructions, and especially the annual and capital value of the landlord's property and of the tenant-right or occupation interest and improvements to be separately ascertained and set forth in every case; and, if not, will he state the objection to such revision.


The rules, forms, and instructions referred to in the Question have boon prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Land Law Acts, and have, when made, been presented to Parliament in accordance with the statutes. I have no jurisdiction whatever in regard to these rules. The matter rests entirely with the Land Commission.