HC Deb 25 June 1907 vol 176 cc1145-6

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether he can now inform the House of the results of the following cases:—The riot on an evicted farm in September, 1906, when sixteen offenders escaped from justice, some of whom subsequently surrendered; four cases of outrage, or attempted outrage, in which firearms were used, in county Clare, during the month of January; the attack upon a Dowra postboy on 20th February, in connection with which fifteen persons were arrested; the assault and robberies committed against the Bradys in the same month; the wrecking of Mr. Tomb's house at Upperlands, county Derry, on 25th March; the stabbing of Mr. Ryan, a gamekeeper on the Rooney property, on 7th April; the disturbances connected with the cattle driving at Carrick-on-Shannon on 25th April; the wounding of Mr. McAuliffe in Kilbogin district; the dispersal of cattle and wounding of police at Earl's Park, Ballinlawless, and Tullyhill on 29th April; the disturbances in connection with Mr. Russell, of Kilmore, on 5th May; the unlawful assembly at the Lambert Minors estate near Athenry on 9th May; the unlawful assembly at Ballintubber on 10th May; offences arising at the agitation against the grazing system in county Roscommon, referred to by the Chief Secretary on 15th May; the attack upon Lord Kenmare's bailiff near Killarney on 27th May; the unlawful assembly at Shrole referred to by the Chief Secretary in the House on 29th May; and whether he can state in how many cases the accused were dismissed, or sent for trial, or convicted.


The hon. Member's Question refers to a large number of cases. I will give the results briefly:—(1) Riot at Ballingeary in September, 1906: Three persons were convicted, and two acquitted at assizes; and fourteen are awaiting trial at next assizes. (2) Four outrages in Clare: One person was prosecuted in each case. In one case the magistrates refused information, and in the other three the accused were acquitted at assizes. (3) Attack on Dowra postmen: Fifteen persons proceeded against. Informations refused. (4) Attack on the Bradys: This case occurred in July, 1906. Eight persons were prosecuted at Winter and Spring Assizes, and the jury disagreed on both occasions. The prosecution is still pending. (5) Wrecking Tomb's house: Seven persons have been returned for trial. (6) Stabbing Ryan: Four persons have been returned for trial. (7) Carrick-on-Shannon disturbances. Six persons were summoned to find sureties. The summonses were withdrawn in two cases, and the magistrates refused the application as regards the remaining four persons. (8) Wounding McAuliffe. One person has been returned for trial. (9) Earl Park, Ballinlawless, and Tullyhill cattle drives. Ten persons returned for trial. (10) Disturbance at Kilmore. Eight persons committed to prison in default of finding sureties. (11) Unlawful assembly at Athenry. Twelve persons prosecuted. Informations refused. (12) Unlawful assembly at Ballintubber. Twelve persons prosecuted. Informations refused. The Attorney-General has directed a bill against the accused to be sent up at Assizes. (13) Offences connected with the Roscommon grazing agitation. Of the three cases referred to on 15th May, two are identical with (10) and (12) above mentioned. In the remaining case the magistrates refused an application to require four persons to find sureties. (14) Attack on Lord Kenmare's bailiff. One person prosecuted. Case adjourned for six months. (15) Unlawful assembly at Shrole. Proceedings have been taken against six persons, and the case is pending.