HC Deb 24 June 1907 vol 176 c886
MR. CREMER (Shoreditch, Haggerston)

I desire to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will state the number of clubs of all classes registered on the 1st January, 1903, and the number so registered 1st January, 1907; how many full and how many off-licences were extinguished during those five years; how many new full and off-licences were issued in the four years ending 31st December, 1906; and how many clubs have been removed from the register by legal process under the Act of 1902, giving the number struck off the register for each year.


As I have intimated to my hon. friend, the Answer to this Question is long and contains a good many figures, and I will, with his permission, hand it in to-day for circulation with the Votes. †


I shall be very pleased.

† See pages 835–6.