HC Deb 24 June 1907 vol 176 c904

I beg to ask the Secretary for Scotland whether he is aware that during the absence of Mr. W. J. Cameron from his holding at Duncanstown, Ferintosh, Ross-shire, a lawyer and sheriff's officer, with the local policeman, visited his house, and that the sheriff's officer, after plucking from Mrs. Cameron's arms an infant of three years of age, forcibly ejected the mother, exposing both mother and infant to the cold and rain; and will he state whether he can take any steps to stay the eviction of crofter leaseholders, pending the consideration of the Small Landholders (Scotland) Bill.


The facts, I am informed, are as follows:—Cameron being in arrears of rent was ejected by decree of the Court on 19th April, and the house was securely locked by the sheriffs officer. Cameron having returned and forcibly re-entered the premises, decree of re-ejectment was granted and carried out on 5th June, by a sheriff's officer and concurrents. Cameron was not present, and Mrs Cameron having refused to leave when asked was carried out with her child. The constable was in attendance, but took no part whatever in the proceedings. With regard to the last part of my hon. friend's Question, I am unable to add to the Answer given to him on 27th May. No such steps as are suggested are within my power.

† See (4) Debates, clxxiv., 133.