HC Deb 05 June 1907 vol 175 c679

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Homo Department whether he is aware that a man named Townley is now serving a month's imprisonment for making a bet with a bookmaker in Manchester, and that police officers are employed to make bets in connection with these prosecutions; whether he has any record to show that street betting, or nuisance arising there from, has been diminished by the operations of the recent Act; and, if so, whether it is proposed to extend legislation to other classes and places so as to prevent gambling which is not now touched by the law.


I am making inquiry into the matter to which the hon. Member refers, but in any event I do not see my way at present to propose any amendment of the Act of last session. Experience of the working of that Act has as yet been short, but I have no reason to doubt that it is having a very good effect.