HC Deb 03 June 1907 vol 175 cc255-6
Mr. NIELD (Middlesex, Ealing)

To ask the Secretary to the Admiralty whether complaints have been received of the ventilation in some of the British warships, more particularly with regard to the magazines and lower decks; whether the repairs and refits provided for in the Estimates for 1906–7 and 1907–8 include alterations in ventilating arrangements; and, if so, what are the names of the ships affected.

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(Answered by Mr. Sinclair.) The figures compiled from the Returns made to the Local Government Board from 1900 to 1905 are as follows—

(Answered by Mr. Edmund Robertson). There has been no general complaint of the ventilation of the magazines and lower decks of British warships, but from time to tine reports have been made by officers who think the temperatures of particular parts of certain ships too high. This has not always been found to be due to defective ventilation, but sometimes to the fact that the existing means of ventilation have not been fully utilised. The Estimates for 1906–7 and 1907–8 provided for carrying out certain modifications to the ventilating arrangements of the following ships, where experience had shown alterations to be necessary. 1906–7: "Exmouth," "Glory," "Albion," "Swiftsure," "Triumph," and "Drake." 1907–8: "Canopus," "Goliath," "Glory," "Hawke," "Swiftsure." "Triumph," "Lancaster," "Suffolk," "Duncan," and "Exmouth."