HC Deb 03 June 1907 vol 175 cc312-3
MR. JOYCE (Limerick)

I beg to ask the Postmaster-General whether he is aware that Mr. John Hartnett, of Newport, Limerick, applied to be made a fully established postman, on the ground † (4) See Debates, clxxiv., 1324–5 that he had six yours' service as an auxiliary, and has been informed that his request cannot be complied with as there are a good many on the list with still longer auxiliary service; and whether he will take steps to ensure that auxiliary postmen in Ireland shall not have to wait such lengthy periods before being appointed to the staff.


As Hartnett has not served in any of the capacities which give a claim to preferential appointment he has therefore no claim to an established appointment. It is sometimes possible to appoint a man in his position when no candidate with a claim is available, but all auxiliary postmen are made aware by means of a form which they sign when first employed that their appointment is temporary and gives them no claim to promotion. I regret that I am unable to make any exception to the general rule in favour of auxiliary postmen in Ireland.