HC Deb 03 June 1907 vol 175 c281

To ask the Secretary to the Board of Education how many appointments have been made to permanent messengerships at the Board of Education since January, 1906, and what was the occupation of the individual men prior to appointment.

(Answered by Mr. McKenna.) Since January, 1906, seven appointments to permanent messengerships have been made. Of these, four had been boy messengers in the service of the Board of Education, one had been in the Army and is a reservist, one had been a college servant at Oxford, and one a man servant. During the same period three permanent "attendants" have been appointed. Of the former, one was a boy messenger in the service of the Board, one had been in the Army, and afterwards a valet, and the third had been in the Army. A doorkeeper has also been appointed who was in the Metropolitan Police and employed for a considerable number of years in the House of Commons.