HC Deb 29 July 1907 vol 179 c493
MR. STEWART-SMITH (Westmoreland, Kendal)

I beg to ask the Post-master-General if he is aware that the proposal of the National Telephone Company to impose a charge of 1d. for all calls between the several exchanges of the Kendal area is said to be with the approval of the Postmaster-General; if so, when was this approval given; and was the Postmaster-General aware that in commencing business in the Kendal district the National Telephone Company have specifically committed themselves in writing to the secretary of the chamber of commerce to give a free service between all exchanges within that district.

Captain NORTON (for Mr. Sydney Buxton)

So long as the National Telephone Company's charges are within the limits fixed by the schedule to the agreement of 2nd February, 1905, my right hon. friend's consent is not necessary for any modifications of tariff. His consent has not been asked for or given for any special charges in the Kendal area, and he has no reason to think that the charges there exceed the agreed maximum. The matter referred to in the last paragraph of the Question does not appear to be one in which he can intervene.

MR. LEIF JONES (Westmoreland, Appleby)

inquired if the fact that the company committed itself in writing to the chamber of commerce to give a free service, and that it was now varying the agreement, did not justify the Post Office in interfering?

Captain NORTON

No, it is a matter between the chamber and the company.