HC Deb 22 July 1907 vol 178 c1130
MR. ALDEN (Middlesex, Tottenham)

To ask the Secretary to the Admiralty by whose authority the monthly medical inspection of crews belonging to torpedo boats and destroyers is carried out on board the parent ships at home parts; for what reason was it initiated, and could instructions be issued so that all chief petty officers, when undergoing or preparing for this inspection, may have screened off for their separate use places apart from that used by seamen and stokers.

(Answered by Mr. Edmund Robertson.) (1) By the direction of the Admiralty in 1904. (2) It was found that in many cases men suffering from disease when drafted to destroyers did not present themselves for treatment until absolutely unable to continue duty. It was to prevent the consequent aggravation and spread of disease, and to ensure early medical treatment, that the monthly medical inspection was instituted. (3) Directions were given by the Admiralty in 1906 that petty officers should be treated with every consideration in the matter of this medical examination. When attending with men they are to be seen first. If required to strip, facilities are to be afforded for them to do so in privacy. The ports were informed at the same time that it was desirable that each petty officer and man, when stripped, should be examined separately.