HC Deb 22 July 1907 vol 178 cc1185-6

I beg to ask the Postmaster-General if he can state with reference to the retirement of Mr. Patrick Haren from the position of sub-postmaster at Ballinskelligs, whether he is aware that Mr. Haren offered to comply with the wishes of the Department as regards providing premises, and that he had already built and fitted two post offices at his own expense for which the Department had not allowed him anything; and if he can say why, on the retirement of Mr. Haren, the position was not given to his assistant, who is a near relative, in accordance with the usual custom.

I beg also to ask the Postmaster-General whether he is aware that Mr. Patrick Haren was dismissed from his position as sub-postmaster of Ballinskelligs, county Kerry, on the alleged ground that he was over the limit of age; that a false and malicious report was made to the postmaster at Killarney by Thomas O'Connor, of Ballinskelligs, against Mr. Haren; that the papers are In the possession of the secretary of the General Post Office, Dublin, and that the charge was proved to be false; whether the retirement of Mr. Haren was due to this report and not through age, as he is quite capable of performing his duties; and, if so, what steps does he propose to take so that Mr. Haren may vindicate his good character.

CAPTAIN NORTON (for Mr. Sydney Buxton)

As I have already informed the hon. Member, Mr. Haren's services as sub-postmaster of Ballinskelligs were not retained because he was over seventy years of age, and he was not considered to be thoroughly efficient. The imputations made against Mr. Haren by Mr. O'Connor were not regarded as proved, and Mr. Haren's retirement was not due to Mr. O'Connor's complaint. As I have already informed the hon. Member by letter, the appointment could not be given to his assistant because she was not twenty-one years of age.