HC Deb 10 July 1907 vol 177 c1620
MR. GULLAND (Dumfries Burghs)

I beg to ask the Secretary for Scotland whether he is aware that inconvenience and financial loss is caused to School Boards by delay and irregularity in paying the educational giants; and whether he can see his way to devise some scheme whereby the grant could be paid in two half-yearly portions.


Where there is any delay or irregularity in paying grants it will be found as a rule that it is due to the dilatoriness or neglect of School Boards in making the necessary returns. But if my hon. friend can furnish me with specific instances where inconvenience or financial loss has been caused to Boards, I will cause inquiry to be made. As to paying the grants in two installments, I am not at present prepared to make any change in the existing practice.


inquired if there were not frequent complaints of Boards having to pay a heavy overdraft at their bankers because of these delays?


Not frequent complaints—I only know of one.