HC Deb 04 July 1907 vol 177 cc879-80

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether his attention has been called to the recommendation of the medical superintendent officer of health for Belfast, Dr. Bailie, that the co-operation of all the medical practitioners of the city should be invited in the voluntary notification of tuberculosis, and that great advantages would result there from in regard to precautions dealing with tuberculous houses and areas; whether the deaths from tuberculosis in Ireland are over 12,000 per annum, or 16 per cent. of the total deaths registered, and that the number in Belfast is exceptionally high; and whether, in view of the importance of the subject and the unanimous sentiment amongst Irish medical men in favour of its being dealt with promptly and thoroughly, he will put himself in communication with the local authorities in Belfast, Dublin, and the principal centres of the country, with a view to taking such measures as will tend to mitigate the ravages of this disease.


The attention of the Local Government Board has been called to the recommendation referred to in the first part of the Question. The statements made in the second part of the Question are substantially correct. The Local Government Board are constantly urging upon Irish local authorities the necessity for the full exercise of their powers under existing legislation with a view to checking the mortality from tuberculosis. With regard to the concluding part of the Question, I may say that I have already been in communication with the general council of Irish county councils upon the subject of possible further legislation in this important matter, and have promised to receive a deputation from the council on the subject in the coming autumn.