HC Deb 21 February 1907 vol 169 cc1013-4
MR. DELANY (Queen's County, Ossory)

To ask the Secretary to the Treasury whether, under the existing arrangements of transit of tea from the quay to the bonded warehouse, it is possible for merchants to tamper with it; whether merchants are allowed to convey it on their own carts; and whether they are allowed in such cases to call at their own stores en route.

(Answered by MR. Runciman.) I am informed that teain transit from the importing ship to bonded warehouse for first weighing is invariably removed under Crown lock, plomb-seal, or in charge of an officer; it is not possible, therefore, for it to be tampered with in transit. Merchants in London, if duly licensed as bonded carmen, may convey †See Cols. 414–5. ‡See (4) Debates, clxiv., 313. unweighed teas to bonded warehouses in their own vehicles, subject to these being secured by Crown lock or seal. At out ports the licensing of carmen is not deemed necessary, and merchants there may use their own vehicles for the removal of such teas if accompanied by an officer. The conveying vehicles are not allowed to call at their owners' stores en route, inasmuch as under the regulations and departmental practice all carmen, whether licensed or not, are required to convey the goods received into their charge "by the most direct and convenient way, and in the least possible time, to the place appointed for their delivery."