HC Deb 12 February 1907 vol 169 cc57-8

Inquiry into Charities (County of Devon).—Further Return relative thereto [ordered 26th July, 1905; Mr. Griffith-Boscawen]; to be printed. [No. 5.]

Bank of England.—Accounts of Exchequer Bills and other Government Securities purchased, and Amount of Balances of Sums issued for the Payment of Dividends, etc., for the year ending 5th January, 1907 [by Act]; to be printed. [No. 6.]

Lunacy.—Copy of Return to the Lord Chancellor of the number of Visits made and the number of Patients seen by the several Commissioners in Lunacy during the six months ending on the 31st December, 1906 [by Act].

Supreme Court (Rules).—Copy of Rules of the Supreme Court, dated December, 1906 [by Act].

Public Records (King's Bench (Crown Side)).—Copy of Schedule containing a list and particulars of Classes of Documents belonging to the Crown Side of the late Court of King's Bench, and the present King's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice, which are not considered of sufficient public value to justify their preservation in the Public Record Office [by Act].

Lunacy—Copy of Return of all sums received by the Visitors of Lunatics for travelling expenses, or upon any other account, from 1st January to 31st December, 1906 [by Act].

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