HC Deb 27 August 1907 vol 182 cc407-8

I beg to ask the Primo Minister whether he is aware that six tenants have notice to leave their holdings because it is alleged that they are the friends of tenants previously given notice to leave their farms for participation in petitioning the Charity Commissioners to hold an inquiry into the administration of the Holme Lacy charities, and at which inquiry most of the allegations were proved to be true, whereby one late employee of the chief trustee, who usually acted without consulting the others, was found to have been appointed a pension at an age a little more than forty years, although this charity was left for decayed men, and at the inquiry this person, who has two farms of more than 340 acres, agreed to give up the pension, which he has drawn for more than nineteen years; whether he is aware that dissatisfaction prevails in the district, whore the new trustees appointed are likely to be composed of employees of the trustee above referred to; and whether he can introduce legislation early next session that will prevent honest and worthy farmers from being evicted from their tenures because they have performed a public duty.

MR. J. A. PEASE (Essex, Saffron Walden)

The right hon. Gentleman has asked me to reply to this. The hon. Member's question has been dealt with in the Answers which were given to him on 31st July and 21st August.† The Charity Commissioners are not aware that tenants have received notice to quit. It is believed that the schemes which the Commissioners propose to publish will be generally accepted as satisfactory. In framing these schemes the Commissioners desire to provide that a majority of the new trustees shall be elected by local bodies who would not be restricted in their choice of representatives. I understand that the Government are not prepared to undertake legislation of the kind suggested.


Will the hon. gentleman inquire from Lord Chesterfield if he will withdraw those notices, seeing that those men have acted on behalf of the public generally?


I will communicate the wishes of the hon. Member to the Charity Commissioners.