HC Deb 13 August 1907 vol 180 cc1065-6
MR. J. MACVEAGH () Down, S.

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland with regard to the recent disappearance of Crown jewels from Dublin Castle, whether the jewels have yet been traced, recovered, or redeemed; and, if so, under what circumstances.


The reply is in the negative. The jewels have not been traced, recovered, or redeemed.

* MR. PATRICK O'BRIEN () Kilkenny

What efforts have the police made to detect the loyal and patriotic Unionist criminals who stole these jewels? Have they searched the haunts of the aristocratic loyal and patriotic Unionist criminals, the Kildare Street Club, for instance.


As we have no means of knowing who the thieves or receivers are, any speculation as to their politics would be out of place.


Is it not the fact nobody had access to this part of Dublin Castle where the Crown jewels were kept except persons known to be loyal and patriotic Unionists?

[No Answer was returned.]