HC Deb 08 August 1907 vol 180 cc350-1
SIR PHILIP MAGNUS (London University)

asked the Prime Minister whether, having regard to the admitted inconvenience caused to Members of the House by the fact that recently they had been unable to learn till late in the evening of the same day what business would be taken after the conclusion of business for which time had been allotted, he would endeavour to give a full day's notice of such business, or would at least make a statement at Question time each day giving the required information.


thought that it would be better to adhere to the usual custom of allowing the business to be determined by consultation in the course of the sitting. It would be more convenient to the House generally that the business after 11 o'clock should be mutually arranged between the Government and the Opposition through the customary channels. An endeavour was thus made, and would continue to be made, to meet the wishes and the convenience of hon. Members. It was very difficult to make these arrangements early in the day.


put in a claim that other sections besides the Opposition should be consulted before any definite decision was come to.


asked as to the course of business for the next few days.


said that arrangements had been made which would obviate a sitting on Saturday. To-morrow the first business would be the Third Reading of the Small Landholders (Scotland) Bill, and afterwards the adjourned debate for the allocation of time in respect of the Small Holdings and Allotments Bill. This would be finished at half-past five o'clock, and then a short time—two or three hours—would be given to a discussion of the Patents and Designs Bill. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week the Small Holdings and Allotments Bill would be taken, on Thursday the Second Beading of the Appropriation Bill, and on Friday the Third Reading of the Small Holdings and Allotments Bill. He could assure the hon. Member for the Clitheroe Division there was no desire to conceal from any section of the House the nature of the business to be taken.

SIR A. ACLAND-HOOD (Somerset, Wellington)

suggested that after an arrangement of business had been made by agreement with all sections of the House further alterations might be indicated on a board in the lobby.


That would be a very good idea.

MR. STANLEY WILSON (Yorkshire, E.R., Holderness)

Is the right hon. Gentleman still of opinion that Parliament will be prorogued on 24th August?


If the hon. Member will tell me what is likely to happen here as well as elsewhere I can answer his Question.