HC Deb 05 August 1907 vol 179 cc1544-5

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury what number of appointments have been made to the position of collector since 1st January, 1905, and how many of this number were appointed from the London staff; what is the age and length of service of the officer recently appointed to this rank; whether he failed to qualify in the test laid down by the Board for the position of first-class examining officer in 1905; what special qualifications he has displayed since that date to warrant his promotion over the heads of many of his seniors; and what immediate increase of salary did he derive from the promotion.


I am informed that since 1st January, 1905, fifteen appointments from the general body of eligible officers serving at all ports have been made to the position of collector. Five of the fifteen officers were serving in London at the time of appointment. The age of the officer last appointed is forty-three years, and his length of service is twenty-one years. Early in 1905 this officer was specially selected to fill a position of chief officer, and it is true that he subsequently failed to pass the test referred to in the Question. He, however, attended an examination for examining officer, first class, in April last, at which he took a very high place, and the Board, having regard to this result and to the satisfactory manner in which he conducted the business of his port, as well as his general fitness for advancement, have selected him for the important position of collector. The immediate increase of salary obtained was £77 13s.