HC Deb 18 April 1907 vol 172 c1165
MR. R. DUNCAN (Govan)

I beg to ask the Secretary for Scotland whether the Local Government Board in effect, ordered the conversion of the domestic sanitary system of the burgh of Dumbarton, as stated by the Provost before a Parliamentary Committee on 8th May, 1906; whether he is aware that the conversion referred to has resulted in the domestic sewage of over 20,000 inhabitants being discharged into the tidal pools of the River Leven without purification of any kind; and whether, in view of the condition of the river, he will insist upon such proceedings being taken as will render the conversion of the sewage system harmless to the natural purity of the river.


In 1903 the Local Government Board pressed the local authority to take steps to remove certain nuisances. I understand that the local authority have also on hand the extension of all outlets into the river so as to prevent the deposit of sewage on the shores above low water mark. When those have been completed it is believed that a great improvement will be effected in the condition of the river bed.


Is the Government aware, as a reason for pressing action in this matter, that the City of Glasgow is expending about £2,000,000 sterling for the purification of the River Clyde, and that the neglect of the purification of the River Leven may render this expense nugatory?


I am aware of that.

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