HC Deb 15 April 1907 vol 172 c625
MR. SEAVERNS (Lambeth, Brixton)

I beg to ask the Prime Minister whether he is aware that in a recent ballot in the London Chamber of Commerce, in which a majority of the members voting supported a resolution favouring Colonial Preference and Production, the majority of the Chamber declined to express any opinion whatever; whether the number of those supporting the resolution was one-third only of the total membership; and whether, in these circumstances, he will attach such importance to the resolution as it deserves.

*MR. EVELYN CECIL (Aston Manor)

asked if the right hon. Gentleman was aware that the decision was arrived at after a poll in which members could vote by proxy?


I am not aware. I have no doubt that my hon. friend's statement is in accordance with the facts, though I cannot say that I have verified it myself. I am quite prepared to attach to the resolution only such importance as it deserves.


asked whether the right hon. Gentleman knew if an equal number of members of the Chamber had voted on any previous occasion.


I am not aware.