HC Deb 11 April 1907 vol 172 cc392-3

asked ns to the business for next week.


said that, as a provisional arrangement, it was proposed to take Navy Supply on Monday—Votes 10, 2, 13, H, 15, and other Votes, but not Votes 8, 9, and 12. On Tuesday the debate on the Second Reading of the Army Bill would be finished, according to what he understood to be an agreement. On Wednesday the Second Reading of the Patents Bill and the Butter Bill would probably be taken, and on Thursday the Budget. This arrangement was made on the supposition that the discussion on the Rules of Procedure would be concluded that night. If that could not be done—he did not wish to be unreasonable—the arrangement for Monday would be altered, and, if it was understood that the discussion of the Procedure Rules would be ended on Monday night, he would take that instead of Navy Supply. Two days for that discussion should surely satisfy hon. Gentlemen opposite.

MR. PIRIE (Aberdeen, N.),

in reference to the course of business, inquired whether, as two modifications had been placed on the Paper with regard to the new Rules of Procedure, one of which had reference to Standing Committees, the Prime Minister would endeavour to make arrangements that the discussion with regard to the Scottish Grand Committee should not take place in the small hours of the morning.

[No Answer was returned.]