HC Deb 31 October 1906 vol 163 c1116
MR. BUTCHER (Cambridge University)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Education whether he is prepared to give information as to the proposed constitution of the new Technological Institute, at South Kensington; and in particular whether arrangements will be made for the adequate representation of any other Universities than London on the governing body.


The consideration of this most important matter, and the various negotiations which have been necessary in regard to it, have not reached a sufficiently definite stage for me to be aide to come to a definite decision upon the best manner in which the new institution should first be established. The real question which has to be decided is whether the new institution is to have a separate existence (at all events at first), or whether it cannot be from the outset an integral part of the University of London. This latter possibility depends upon how far the London University would be prepared to go as regards changes in the existing constitution of its senate in the directions needed to render this possible. A decision on this important question must very soon be arrived at, and I am on the point of communicating officially with the University in regard to it.