HC Deb 25 October 1906 vol 163 cc409-10
MR. LYNCH (Yorkshire, W.R., Ripon)

I beg to ask the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies whether any and, if so, what stops are being taken to promote the interests of British Indians resident in Natal, who, being ratepayers, desire the municipal franchise.


The Natal Parliament has passed a Bill which debars those persons excluded from the Parliamentary franchise under Act 8 of 1896 from exercising the municipal franchise, unless exempted from the operation of the Ace by an Order from the Governor in Council. The persons so debarred are persons who, not being of European origin, are natives or descendants in the male line of natives of countries which have not hitherto possessed elective representative institutions founded on the Parliamentary franchise. This Bill is now under the consideration of the Secretary of State.