HC Deb 27 November 1906 vol 165 cc1400-1

To ask the President of the Board of Education whether, in the event of a school being contracted out of the supervision of the local authority, and the teachers of such a school declining to serve under the managers of that school at a less rate of remuneration than that provided by the local authority, will such teachers be able to obtain compensation for loss of employment, and, if so, from whom; and whether, if they continue to work under the managers of such school for a lower salary than that provided by the scale of the local authority, they will be able to obtain compensation from the local authority for such loss of salary.

(Answered by Mr. Birrell.) The Answer to the Question would seem to depend mainly upon the action taken hereafter by the Board of Education under the two concluding lines of Section 5 (4) of the Bill, and I would ask the attention of the hon. Member to the Answer I gave on 24th July to the hon. Member for Christchurch.† But in any case it would be highly improper for me to pronounce an opinion now as to the probable decision of the Board of Education in the event of such a question arising for decision as that suggested by the hon. Member, which, under Section 27 (2) of the Bill, the Board of Education would have to adjudicate upon hereafter judicially.