HC Deb 15 November 1906 vol 165 cc111-2

TO ask the Postmaster-General whether the postal clerks of Sunderland are fined for offences (many of them of a minor character); whether such offences are registered against them and they are again penalised by the arrestment of their increment; and, if so, whether it is his intention to make any change in regard to it with a view to making one punishment for the same offence suffice; and whether he is prepared to give the men an audience in regard to the matter.


Some minor offences are punished at Sunderland as elsewhere by small fines. The annual increment of an officer can only be allowed if his conduct during the year has been approved; and in considering whether the necessary certificate of approved conduct can be given, his whole record during the year is reviewed. Isolated minor irregularities of the kind for which a fine is imposed would not affect an increment. Evidence has been given on this question before the Committee on Post Office Servants, and I do not think therefore that an interview on the subject at the present time would serve any useful purpose.