HC Deb 15 November 1906 vol 165 cc110-1
MR. WILLIAM RUTHERFORD (Liverpool, West Derby)

I wish to ask the Postmaster-General whether, having recently promoted to the position of overseer a man number 42 in the class of telegraphists at Liverpool, and shortly afterwards promoted number 19, he can explain why the senior was not promoted in the first instance; and whether he will explain the apparent inconsistency of the system.


There has been no inconsistency in the system under which promotion has been carried out at Liverpool. The officer first appointed was considered, at the time of his appointment, the most suitable for promotion, taking everything into account, and the officer similarly appointed was, at the time of the selection, considered the most suitable for promotion. Seniority is always taken into account in these promotion cases, but there are other important factors which must also be considered.