HC Deb 13 November 1906 vol 164 cc1265-6

Return ordered, "showing, so far as the particulars can be obtained, (a) in what Foreign Countries and British Possessions other than those covered by the Return ordered on the 2nd day of July, 1906, the Railways have been in

Great Britain.
1901–2. Actual Expenditure. 1906–7. Estimate.
£ £
Shipbuilding 8,865,080 9,252,131
Repairs and maintenance of material (i.e., hulls, machinery and equipment, anchors, cables, &c), but not stores 1,771,420 1,628,100
Armament and first outfit of ammunition for new ships and re-armed ships 1,546,600 1,624,500
Repairs and maintenance of guns and torpedoes 133,900 67,400
Total 12,317,000 12,572,131

whole or part either built or acquired by the Government; (b) the cost of building or acquisition of such Government Railways, and in the latter case the precise date and terms of purchase; (c) the financial results in each case, showing, inter alia, the revenues, working expenses and net loss or profit for the last two years for which figures are available, and what amounts of capital, if any, have been repaid out of revenue."—(Mr. Chiozza Money.)