HC Deb 22 May 1906 vol 157 cc1138-9
MR. P. A. MCHUGH (Sligo, N.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland on what date was the Gethin Estate, at Ballyconnell, Magherow, county Sligo, sold to the Congested Districts Board; has the estate been yet vested in the Board, and, if not, can he say when it will be vested, and can he explain the delay; is he aware that a servant of the Board, named Carroll, has caused annoyance to the tenants on this estate, by obstructing them in the collections of seaweed for manuring their crops, a privilege they enjoyed under their late landlord; and that Carroll prevented a man, named Phelim Moffit, a tenant occupying a one acre holding, from securing grazing for a milch cow on the grazing farm of 800 acres now in the hands of the Board, but still unstripped; and will he, as chairman of the Congested Districts Board, see that operations for improvement and enlargement of holdings on this congested estate are proceeded with at the earliest possible moment.


The date upon which the Congested District Board arranged to purchase this estate was April 6th, 1905. The estate has not yet been vested in the Board by the Estates Commissioners, who have been fully occupied with prior engagements, but it is anticipated that the vesting will be effected in July. The Board have received a complaint against Carroll, and are making inquiry into the matter. As soon as the estate is vested in the Board steps for the rearrangement and enlargement will be taken without delay.