HC Deb 16 May 1906 vol 157 c462
SIR W. J. COLLINS (St. Pancras, W.)

To ask the First Commissioner of Works whether his attention has been called to the objection in the neighbourhood to the erection of a studio for Mr. Brock, R. A., on Primrose Hill; whether he will state what are the height, length, and breadth of the proposed building; and whether the dimensions were indicated on the plan to which he gave his approval, and on the strength of which he considers that the building in question is not likely to injure the surrounding scenery.

(Answered by Mr. Harcourt.) My attention has been drawn to this building, the site for which was determined under the late Government. The dimensions of the building are: height to eaves, 25 feet; breadth, 50 feet; length, 100 feet; and appeared upon the plan approved by me. The building will be removed as soon as Mr. Brook's work on the Queen Victoria Memorial is completed. I will endeavour by some external decoration to make the building as little unsightly as possible.