HC Deb 16 May 1906 vol 157 c464

To ask the Prime Minister whether he will communicate to the House the terms of reference to the proposed Commission on the Metropolitan Police; whether any opportunity will be afforded the House of considering the names of the Commissioners; and when the Bill will be introduced.

(Answered by Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman.) The terms of reference have already been indicated in the statement made by me on Monday last; the names of the Commissioners appointed will be included in the Bill which will be introduced at the earliest possible moment.

SIR EDWARD CLARKE (City of London)

To ask the Prime Minister if he will enlarge the reference to the Royal Commission proposed to be appointed, so as to include the consideration of the condition and defects of the present laws with reference to drunkenness and solicitation in public places, as well as of the duties of the police in relation thereto.

(Answered by Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman.) The Royal Commission will be appointed to inquire into the administration of the existing law, and to make any recommendations thereon. It will not be charged with the duty of making recommendations for the Amendment of the law, and I do not see my way to enlarge the terms of reference in the sense suggested in the Question. At the same time the Commissioners will not be precluded from calling attention to any defects as arising in their opinion from the existing state of the law.