HC Deb 09 May 1906 vol 156 cc1291-2
MR. BUTCHER (Cambridge University)

To ask the Secretary of State for India how many examinations have been held for the Indian Forestry Service since the spring of 1895; how many candidates entered for each examination, and how many passed; and whether any candidates have been taken into the service without examination.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Morley) Eleven examinations have been held since the spring of 1895. The following are the figures of candidates who entered and who passed.

Year. Number of Candidates. Number selected for Vacancies.
1895 22 6
1896 22 6
1897 18 6
1898 16 6
1899 16 7
1900 22
1901 17 10
1902 16 8
1903 17 8
1904 21 11

In 1905, owing to discussions which were raised as to the method of training probationers in this country, it was impossible to publish the conditions until a very late date; and it was probably owing to this fact that only four candidates presented themselves, of whom two passed. Thereupon, to meet the requirements of the Government of India, thirteen additional men were selected without examination from among candidates who offered themselves in response to an invitation widely circulated among educational institutions. These probationers will, however, like their predecessors, have to satisfy further tests before they are finally admitted to the Indian Forest Service.