HC Deb 29 March 1906 vol 154 c1521
SIR SEYMOUR KING (Hull, Central)

To ask the Secretary of State for India whether his attention has been directed to the want of rolling stock on the Government railways in India, especially on the lines leading into Calcutta, and the consequent hindrance to trade; and whether he will take immediate steps to have the supply increased.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Morley.) I am aware that representations have been made that the supply of rolling stock on some of the Indian railways is inadequate. The matter has been under the consideration of the Railway Board, and in the programme of expenditure for the three years 1906–9 provision has been made for a large outlay in increasing the rolling stock on open lines. The expenditure during those three years which has been proposed by the Railway Board, and sanctioned by the Secretary of State, under this head is £6,866,666, of which x2,546,666 is to be spent in 1906–7, £2,253,333 in 1907–8, and £2,066,666 in 1908–9.