HC Deb 22 March 1906 vol 154 cc625-6
MR. WARDLE (Stockport)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade if he intends to introduce any legislation providing for a reform of the Railway Hours Act, 1893; and whether, in view of the hours still being worked on railways, he will consider the advisability of having each case reported where a man is employed for over twelve hours at any one time, as obtains in France.


I am advised that the provisions of the Act of 1893 are sufficient for the purpose, and that the Act has been of great value in bringing about a reduction in the hours of labour, but if the hon. Member is prepared to lay before me his suggestions for an amendment of the law, I shall be happy to consider them. I shall be quite ready to move for periodical Returns which will bring out the information desired by my hon. friend, but, as at present advised, I cannot adopt the suggestion made in the Question. If he will read the Report of the Select Committee of 1892, he will find that that proposal was made but was not adopted by the Committee.