HC Deb 21 March 1906 vol 154 c398

asked if Report of a Naval Supplementary Vote having been taken on Monday that day could be counted as an allotted day in Supply.


said a Vote for £100 as a Supplementary Navy Estimate was taken on Report. The Standing Order with regard to Supply contained the words—"provided it is occupied with the consideration of the question shall not be included in the computation of the twenty days aforesaid." Properly speaking, the Vote ought not to have been taken, but his attention was not directed to it at the time or it probably would not have been taken. It could hardly be said, however, that the House was occupied by consideration of such an Estimate, for it only took a couple of minutes, and as the matter was a very small one and no substantial injustice had been done he saw no reason why Monday should not be counted as an allotted day.