HC Deb 19 March 1906 vol 154 c59
MR. MARKHAM (Nottinghamshire, Mansfield)

To ask the Under-Secretary

Tons. Average Yield per Ton.
Victoria 1,078,433 9 dwt.
New South Wales 367,227 10 dwt. 15 grains.
Western Australia 2,160,656 1.07 oz.
Queensland 774,473 1.08 oz.
New Zealand 447,969 13.54 dwt.

In Tasmania in 1903 the total gold was 61,826 crude ounces or 59,891 fine ounces, of a value of £254,403; the figures for quartz mining do not appear to be given separately for the years since 1899, when 49,029 tons were treated, yielding 37,402 ounces, an average yield of 15 dwt. 6 grains per ton. In South Australia the production of gold is not large, £90,031 in 1903. The value of the gold per ounce varies in the different States; in 1903 it was as follows: Victoria £3 19s. 3d.; New South Wales, £3 12s. 8d.; Western Australia, £3 12s.; Queensland, £3 1s. 8d.; New Zealand, £3 16s. 5d.: Tasmania, about £3 15s.; South Australia, £3 7s. 6d. In Victoria, for ten years, 1895–1904, the average yield has varied between 9.7 dwt. and 8.4 dwt. In the Transvaal the yield in August, 1899, was 9.599 dwts. fine gold per ton crushed, in June, 1905, the yield was 8.473.