HC Deb 28 June 1906 vol 159 cc1154-5
MR. O'DOWD (Sligo, S.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lietenant of Ireland, whether the Phibbs' estate, situated at Tubbercurry, county Sligo, and at present administered in the Land Judge's Court, has recently been offered for sale to the Irish Land Commission; and, if so, whether that portion of the estate situate in the town of Tubbercurry is included in such offer.

I beg also to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, whether he is aware that an attempt was made some time ago to sell that portion of the Phibbs' Estate, situate in the town of Tubbercurry, county Sligo, and at present in the Land Judge's Court, to a middleman named Dr. Brennan, of Charlestown, county Mayo, without any notice having been given to the tenants, who were and are willing to pay a liberal price for their houses; and whether, in case this purchase by Dr. Brennan has not taken place, he will communicate with the Land Judge and the Estates Commissioners with the view of ensuring that the tenants shall have due notice of any sale of the estate to be proposed hereafter, in order that they may have an opportunity of purchasing their town holdings.


The Estates Commissioners have, with a view to purchase, issued a request under Section 7 in regard to part of the estate of R. H. Phibbs in the neighbourhood of Tubbercurry; but the town is not included in their proposed purchase, which relates to agricultural property only. The estate generally is for sale in the Land Judge's Court, and the Registrar of that Court informs me that Dr. Brennan, one of the tenants, has made a proposal to purchase for cash certain town plots in Tubbercurry, and this proposal will be brought before the learned Judge for his consideration when the necessary documents have been prepared. If the immediate tenants desire to have notice of the proceedings, they should enter an appearance in the case, when they would have an opportunity of submitting their views to the Court.


Do I understand that if the tenants put forward a scheme it will be favourably considered?


I said they should have notice if they desired to do so.