HC Deb 28 June 1906 vol 159 c1158
MR. PICKERSGILL (Bethnal Green, S.W.)

I beg to ask the Prime Minister whether his attention has been called to the statement of the chairman of the Central Unemployed Committee for London that at the present moment they are living from hand to mouth, and some of their best attempts are only financially secure till September, and to his appeal to Parliament to take such action that before the adjournment in August they may be able to lay the foundation of their next winter's work; and whether, in view of these facts, he will reconsider his decision that it would be impracticable to legislate on the subject before the summer adjournment of the House, or, in the alternative, will take such other steps as may be necessary to carry the Committee over the period which must intervene before legislation can take effect.


Yes, Sir, I am aware of the statement of the Chairman of the Central Unemployed Committee for London to which my hon. friend calls my attention. My right hon. friend the President of the Local Government Board will make a full statement of the intentions of His Majesty's Government on July 19th, when the Vote for the Local Government Board is taken.