HC Deb 27 June 1906 vol 159 c953

drew attention to the fact that the name of the hon. Member for Mid Cork had not been included among those of the hon. Members added to the Standing Committee on Law to consider the Irish Labourers' Bill. He remarked that the hon. Member was President of the Irish Land Labourers' Association, and was really the only Member elected to the House to represent that class. Obviously if they were to have a voice in discussing the proposed Amendments to the Bill, they ought to have their spokesman on the Committee, and he wished to know how the omission could be remedied.


said the duty of appointing additional Members rested with the Committee of Selection, and it would be undesirable for the House, seeing that it had entrusted that responsible and important duty to the Committee, now to take it out of their hands. In making additions the Committee's duty was to have regard to the special qualifications and capabilities of the Members whom they put on. The hon. Member might approach the Chairman of the Committee of Selection, who in the event of a vacancy occurring might fill it in the way desired by the hon. Member.


Thank you, Sir. I will act on that suggestion.