HC Deb 25 June 1906 vol 159 cc628-9

To ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland why the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction presented the Return of local contributions out of the rates to Parliament, without stating the total amount of such contributions for the entire country as well as setting them out in detail; whether he can give the total of such contributions for the years dealt with, and also state the amount of all the grants received from other sources by the Department for each of the years mentioned, and the full total of all moneys received by the Department from all sources since its establishment.

(Answered by Mr. Bryce.) The Return in question gives the particulars required by the Order of the House. The totals for each county were not demanded, but they may be readily ascertained from the Return. The totals of the figures given in detail in the Return are as follows:—

Year. Amount.
£ s. d.
1900–1 9,642 12 8
1901–2 41,201 2 2
1902–3 45,755 19 8
1903–4 49,822 13 7
1904–5 53,259 7 10
1905–6 53,057 12 11
Gross total for the six years £252,739 8 10
These sums are not grants received by the Department, but are the amounts levied by the local authorities from the rates, and expended locally in carrying out the approved schemes under The Agriculture and Technical Instruction (Ireland) Act, 1899, which are also subsidised by the Department. In reply ‡ See Columns 46, 47 374–5. to the concluding inquiry, I beg to refer the hon. Member to the Appropriation Accounts annually laid before Parliament, which contain statements of all moneys received by the Department each year.