HC Deb 22 June 1906 vol 159 c496
DR. COOPER (Southwark, Bermondsey)

To ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he will state what were the terms of reference to the permanent committee of five, appointed by the Treasury last March, in connection with the distribution of £100,000 per annum among the institutions of university rank.

(Answered by Mr. Asquith.) The Committee referred to was appointed to advise the Treasury as to the distribution of the grant in aid of colleges-furnishing education of a university; standard, and it will be their duty to make such inquiries into the work done-by the colleges and their financial resources as may be necessary to enable them to discharge this advisory function The principles of distribution are laid down in the Treasury Minute of July 18th, 1905 [Cd. 2621].