HC Deb 21 June 1906 vol 159 cc370-1

During Questions,

MR. DILLON (Mayo, E.)

said he did not know whether the First Commissioner of Works was aware of the presence of sewer gas in the House. The same thing occurred yesterday. The air was in a poisonous state. Could nothing be done to purify it? He believed that on a previous occasion, when the same thing occurred, a short adjournment was moved and carried for the purpose of purifying the atmosphere.


I can tell the hon. Member what has happened. Steam tugs sometimes puss near the Terrace, where the intake of air is, and it occasionally happens that a barge laden with manure passes, and the impure air is taken in. I hope that in a few minutes the trouble will be removed.


later asked the First Commissioner of Works if he could now make a statement with regard to the unpleasant incident in connection with ventilation to which his attention had been drawn.


Yes, air. I went down to the Terrace at once, and was able to trace the offender. It was a barge of gas liquor being taken down the river for the disposal of the contents in the sea. The same barge passed down at the same time yesterday, and gave rise to a similar complaint. I will endeavour to make arrangements with the gas company to adopt some other hour.