HC Deb 07 June 1906 vol 158 cc519-20

The following Papers, presented by Command of His Majesty during the Whitsuntide Recess, were delivered to the Librarian of the House of Commons during the Recess, pursuant to the Standing Order of the 14th August, 1896;—

  1. 1. Trade Reports (Annual Series). Copies of Diplomatic and Consular Reports, Annual Series, Nos. 3608 to 3620.
  2. 2. Trade Reports. Copy of Index to Reports of His Majesty's Diplomatic and Consular Representatives Abroad on Trade and Subjects of General Interest (with Appendix), 1905.
  3. 3. Army (Volunteer Corps). Copy of Annual Return of the Volunteer Corps of Great Britain for the year 1905.
  4. 4. Board of Education. Copy of Regulations for the Instruction and Training of Pupil Teachers from 1st August, 1906.
  5. 5. Poor Law (Scotland). Copy of Reports to the Local Government Board 520 for Scotland on the Burden of the Existing rates and the General Financial Position of the Outer Hebrides.

Ordered, That the said Papers do lie upon the Table.